The BCMAC Backers

“The BCMAC Backers” is a standing committee within BCMAC formed to be the private organization arm for operations on the Joint Base. This committee is charged with ensuring the organization operates in accordance with associated published guidance on the installation. It maintains Private Organization status with approval of Joint Base leadership.
All BCMAC fundraising, direct donation, or food support activities on the Joint Base will be coordinated through the BCMAC Backers leadership. If you are interested in more information about the operations of The Backers, please contact one of the committee leads below.

  • Chairperson: Mr Mike Polhemus
  • Vice Chair: Dr Richard Carson
  • Treasurer/Secretary: Mr Gary Vecchio
  • Executive Director: Ms Liz Verna (BCMAC Chairperson)

What Do I Do If I Want to…? 

Key Documents:

  • Backers Constitution/ByLaws
  • AF Private Organization Guidance

You can contact The Backers by sending an email to [email protected].