Who We Are

BCMAC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, fully volunteer-run organization that supports the military of Joint Base McGuire-Dix Lakehurst (JBMDL). Established in 1987 by the Burlington County Board of Commissioners (then Freeholders), BCMAC acts as a liaison between the Joint Base military commanders and the civilian community to promote a mutual understanding of one another’s mission and to assist and support the military wherever possible. 

BCMAC’s Mission in Action

Some of BCMAC’s major activities over the years have been to help our military personnel in times of financial or personal needs. We sponsor military appreciation dinners, barbecues, and other unit events for troops being deployed or returning from duty abroad. BCMAC also provides off-base opportunities for our military leaders to interact with local civic leaders or for enlisted personnel to enjoy local Burlington County attractions and events.

We support unit award programs, annual recognition dinners, and provide other silent partnership with the military of JBMDL. If there is a need, BCMAC members mobilize to help.

“If there is a need, BCMAC members mobilize to help”

Making the Connection

Beyond the financial assistance we offer thanks to our generous sponsors, BCMAC offers a connection to the men and women who serve here, not only for their time at JBMDL but beyond that time as well. The partnership between BCMAC and the JBMDL installation has led to lifelong relationships between local community leaders and host commanders. 

We hear, time and again, from our JBMDL military leaders that this place is unique, in terms of the support from the local community. And while BCMAC is not the only organization that provides that support, we are proud of how BCMAC bolsters our military at JBMDL.